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January 2018: Appraisal Logistics Updates AMC ROI Calculator
October 2013: Appraisal Logistics Earns Optional ISO 9001:2008 Certification
June 2013: Top Five Appraisal Reviewer Pet Peeves (Valuation Review)
May 2013: Appraisal Logistics Makes Proprietary Technology Available
Dec 2012: Do Not Lose the Appraiser in the Appraisal Review Process (Mortgage Servicing News)
Dec 2012: Lenders Need to Focus on Appraisal Best Practices
Oct 2012: Stabilize Compliance Posture
Oct 2012: Automation vs. Human Oversight In Appraisal Review Process
Aug 2012: Appraisal Fees: New Approach on a Critical Issue
July 2012: Tips to Overcoming Appraisal Challenges
June 2012: Paradigm Shift Q&A
June 2012: Tips to Overcoming Appraisal Hurdles (National Mortgage News)
April 2012: Crafting Appraisal Quality Q&A (Valuation Review)
March 2012: New Calculator from Appraisal Logistics Helps Lenders Uncover True Cost of Internal Appraisal Management
March 2012: The Evolution of Compliance
March 2012: Experience Matters
Feb 2012: Take a Chance on Trust (Part 4 : Valuation Review)
Feb 2012: The Two-Way Street of Appraisal Trust (Part 3 : Valuation Review)
Feb 2012: In Appraisal Fees We Trust (Part 2 : Valuation Review)
Feb 2012: Value of Trust: The Battle to Earn Appraiser’s Loyalty (Part 1 : Valuation Review)
Jan 2012: Graystone, Appraisal Logistics Continue Partnership

Company Highlights

May 2013: Appraisal Logistics Makes Proprietary Technology Available
March 2013: Appraisal Logistics Becomes Direct Channel to Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP)
Feb 2013: Appraisal Logistics Enters 2013 with Strong Year-end Performance Results, Demand for Appraisal Management Services Grow
Jan 2013: Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) QM Rule
Sept 2012: Appraisal Logistics Launches AIM-Port: Customizable Appraisal Workflow Technology Platform
April 2012: Appraisal Logistics Appoints Jeff Jurin National Sales Executive
March 2012: Appraisal Logistics Appoints Dennis Ashcroft as VP of Sales & Marketing

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