As the Nation’s leading enterprise for appraisal compliance, procedure, document and communications management, we have the expertise, technology and services to enable your business to operate more efficiently and effectively. At Appraisal Logistics, we don’t believe that “one size fits all.” We are a Full Service Appraisal Management Company offering the best solution for your business. Our services are custom tailored to suit each Client’s specific needs and processes. Choose from 3 different Hosted Solution bundles — Select the option that best aligns with your individual needs. Perfectly designed for effective communications, data transfer and storage, with the redundancy and high availability the banking industry requires. All delivered securely, quickly and on demand.

  • Full Service Appraisal Management Solutions
  • In-House Assisted Self Service Solutions
  • In-House Solution – Software Only
  • Appraisal Compliance Consulting Services

Appraisal Compliance Consulting Services

Full Service Appraisal Management

When you’re ready to release the power of Appraisal Logistics, with the flexible and seamless appraisal compliance solutions that only we can provide, you’ll join the ranks of numerous mid and upper level financial institutions that have come to rely on our expertise that enables them to focus on closing loans.

Our success has been built on a strategy of client intimacy. We don’t just take you through all of the necessary stages, but we work with you, as a true partner, on a customized plan to provide savings enhancing efficiency and bottom line.

In-House Assisted Self Service

Appraisal Logistics is well known for our leadership in appraisal compliance, management and consulting. Our industry-leading end-to-end services include helping businesses develop effective in-house systems and procedures. We analyze how qualified employees can most efficiently manage the appraisal process, meet minimum compliance qualifications and building web-based platform for personalizing appraisal management needs.

By optimizing their systems, we have helped clients save as much as 30% more revenues to focus on the real business of closing loans.

In-House Solution

Appraisal Logistics has an affordable, customizable In-House appraisal management solution for companies wanting to manage the appraisal process internally. The system is customizable.

Our development team will meet with you to understand your individual requirements, processes and needs. They will architecturally design the system, assist in the implementation and residency for data protection and archiving.

Our IT Developers and Partners work to design an optimal information management platform as well as a comprehensive deployment plan.

Appraisal Compliance Consulting

Our evolutionary approach to business process evaluation and re-engineering can help you maintain compliance, reduce costs, improve quality and increase efficiency.

We carefully tailor solutions based on your enterprise, your environment and the way you do business.

We work with each Client to understand their individual needs, concerns and goals. With this understanding, we tailor our management strategies and platform to meet their individual conditions. We maintain an open door policy with our Clients’ management and staff to keep their ever-changing circumstances in our sights.

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