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Appraisal Logistics is a full service Appraisal Management Company. We offer a complete line of appraisal services and products which can be tailored to meet out Clients individual needs. All appraisal orders are handled in full compliance with FHFA, FIRREA, FHA/HUD and Federal Regulatory guidelines. With our Nationwide Network of licensed and certified Appraisers, Clients can be certain that they will be receiving timely and accurate appraisals.

Unequaled in Quality, Convenience, Speed & Efficiency

Unequaled in Quality, Convenience, Speed & Efficiency
As a Full Service AMC, Appraisal Logistics offers a complete line of superior appraisal products and services. Through our secure portal, clients can manage & monitor their appraisal orders through the entire process: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the increasingly complex and stressful landscape of regulation, we ensure:

  • Compliance Maintained with Regularly Audited Appraiser Lists to Meet FHCMC/FMNA, FIRREA, FHA and Federal Regulatory Guidelines.
  • Verifications of all Appraiser Vendor’s Insurance, Licensing and Qualifications are Performed

Quality Assurance Guarantee

Our multistage, superior Assurance Review process assures quality thus saving you time, money and effort.

Appraisal Logistics is fully committed to providing our Clients with the highest quality appraisal reports possible. Each appraisal report must pass our multistage quality assurance review process before being delivered. We also offer a full suite of additional review options if more comprehensive review services are needed.

Quality Assurance Review

Turnaround Times

Appraisals are assigned utilizing criteria outlined by our Clients, for example, license designation, skill level, area of expertise, coverage area, past performance, turnaround time and quality rating. In addition, Appraiser performance is continually reviewed to guarantee Client satisfaction.

When Appraisers upload status updates the client is immediately informed via e-mail notification, therefore minimizing potential problems and delays. Additionally, the Appraiser will be notified via e-mail immediately of any changes made by the client. Through their personalized portal, clients are able to view all requested orders and their status at any point in time.

Optionally, the Client may select to run the report through our automated review process. The automated review process evaluates PDF reports based on an industry standard rule set, appraisal guidelines and Client specific underwriting guidelines. Once analyzed, the appraisal can be accepted or rejected based on the appraisal products’ score. If rejected, the report is sent back to the appraiser for amendment or clarification. Once accepted, the report is forwarded to the client via their delivery preference.

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