Commitment To Our Customers

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Our Commitment to Our Customers

With our orientation centered around faultless customer service, our services are tailored to suit your individual needs. It is our goal to focus on the areas of the processes that concern you the most. We work with you to understand your problems, needs and concerns. We build a platform to provide the quality of service you demand. At Appraisal Logistics, we excel to meet the demanding deadlines known to the mortgage industry. Our team works diligently to stay ahead of the demand curve as outlined by out Clients.

Appraisal Logistics is:

  • Committed to providing it’s Clients high quality services while creating an enjoyable and productive working environment for our staff
  • Sensitive and responsive to our Clients’ needs and remain devoted to their satisfaction
  • Striving to be fair, honest, courteous and professional in all our dealings
  • Committed to being a recognized leader in the Appraisal profession through our integrity, innovation, client satisfaction and financial strength
  • We are dedicated to raising the overall standards within the profession and strive to maintain a presence within professional organizations and associations

Appraisal Quality

Appraisal Quality

We firmly believe that high quality service and reports lead to lower processing costs and higher efficiency. Our team is comprised of appraisal and mortgage industry experts, who possess unmatched knowledge of the Appraisal Management business. Our dedicated staff has the precise combination of industry knowledge and practical experience that our Clients rely on.

Appraisal Reports Delivered to our Clients Automatically go through a 2-Step Quality Assurance Process:

  1. Reports are run through an Automated Review System (ARS). The ARS Review Report and Summary are forwarded to the Client along with the Appraisal Report to aid in the processing and/or underwriting of the Report.
  2. All Appraisal Reports go through a hands-on Quality Assurance process by our qualified staff to ensure all of the elements are in place. We offer a full suite of additional review options if more stringent review services are needed.

Client – Appraiser Communication

Client - Appraiser Communication

Our Processing Department constantly monitors the communications to and from the Appraiser to assure your Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR) compliance. If we notice a request or demand that will jeopardize the loan file and expose you to non-compliance, a Processor will contact the necessary party(s) to extinguish the inappropriate communications. We will confer with the party making the inappropriate request to communicate a similar message in an AIR compliant manner.

Turnaround Times

Turnaround Times

The individual or company ordering the report specifies a due date/ turn-time. We have a strict policy on meeting due dates. Our Processors will begin notifying the Appraiser as the due dates approach to identify any issues that may be delaying the completion of the report. Our Processing Team is relentless on overdue Reports. Additionally, the processors inform the individual that ordered the Report of any and all delays in the process.

Quality Assurance Review

Appraisal Logistics is fully committed to providing our Clients with the highest quality appraisal reports possible. Each appraisal report must pass our multistage quality assurance review process before being delivered. We also offer a full suite of additional review options if more comprehensive review services are needed.

Approved Appraisal Panel

Approved Appraisal Panel

We remain one of the few nationwide AMC’s that permit the Client to provide and manage an exclusive Approved Appraiser Panel. You provide the Appraisers that you have established relationships with. We will only work with Appraisers on your list. We will not, under any circumstances, blend in outside appraisers unless instructed to do so by your management team. You maintain and set the limits of your Approved Appraisal Panel, with the ability to limit their coverage areas. Appraisal Logistics understands the significance in maintaining the long lasting relationships with the Appraisers that you have become accustomed.

Appraiser Network

We have a unique approach to the business of Appraisal Management. This approach gives us the luxury of working with Appraisers that have established relationships with many of our Clients. Additionally, this gives us the opportunity to test drive the Appraisers prior to introduction to our Clients that may not have an approved Appraiser Panel. Appraisers must consistently perform at a minimum standard to earn the privilege to work with our Clients. We score the Appraisers on their quality of service and the quality of their reports.

The scores are reconciled and the Appraiser(s) are placed into 1 of 4 categories:

  • LEVEL 4 – Consistently provides quality reports while meeting/exceeding deadlines
  • LEVEL 3 – Consistently provides quality reports while typically meeting deadlines
  • LEVEL 2 – Typically provides quality reports and typically meets deadlines
  • LEVEL 1 – Needs improvement in all areas of the process

Appraisal Logistics Will Only Recommend Level 4 and Level 3 Appraisers to our Clients

We possess an extensive network of Appraisers in excess of 12,000. If additional Appraisers are needed, we make use of the Appraisal Institute Member list of Appraisers, which provides access to 15,000 Member Appraisers. All of our recommended Appraiser’s qualifying experience and documents are measured against the minimum standards set by out Clients. The Client determines the geographic dispersion of the Appraisers. We have the ability to limit the coverage of the Appraisers via county, zip code or distance in miles.

Fees & Payment Processing

Appraisal Logistics’ fees are among the lowest in the Industry. The cost savings is passed on to the Appraiser. It is a fact that higher fees payed to the Appraiser will result in higher quality reports and reliable service. Additionally, the appraisal fee may be crucial in the selling process of a loan product. HUD-1 fees can be a breaking point in negotiating a loan for a Borrower. We have the ability to implement a variety of market-specific pricing schedules for many different regions throughout the country. We will tailor a price schedule that best suits your needs.

Fees & Payment Processing

We manage the collection and disbursement of the appraisal fees, thus eliminating potential post-closing issues while reducing your bookkeeping costs. Upon request, payment processing may be completed at the time of appraisal order entry, via credit card, ensuring a seamless financial transaction process. We will disburse payments for services rendered to the Appraisers within thirty days of appraisal report completion. One of the value added benefits our Clients quickly realize is the simplicity of appraisal fee management. Many organizations have a lengthy review process for approving appraisal fees and disbursements. We can save you time with our fee collection and customized invoicing processes and procedures.

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