Your Trusted Partner in Appraisal Compliance

Importance of Compliance

Appraisal Compliance is becoming increasingly challenging with ever-changing regulation, making it difficult and costly to manage your Appraisal Compliance. Our web-based Appraisal Management Software, AIM-Port, eliminates your worries and makes it economical and simple to maintain compliance.

High Security Standards

SSAE 16 Type II Certified
At Appraisal Logistics, we possess the latest and most secure technology. We set the highest standards for ourselves, and in turn, pass that on to our Clients. Additionally, the latest SSAE 16 Type II Certification further supports our advanced systems. SSAE 16 II replaces the former SAS 70 II. If your provider only provides this outdated version you should address this issue, lack of updated standards can pose a problem to your business.

Increased Liability Limits

Appraisal Logistics recognizes the changing risk environment for Mortgage Bankers, with regards to Professional (E&O) exposures associated to the valuation process. To ensure our customers have the financial protection needed, Appraisal Logistics provides $2,000,000 of Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance, in addition to the insurance limits the Appraiser carries.

Appraisal Regulation

We guarantee that our services will, at a minimum, meet the laws, rules and regulations of the Dodd-Frank Act, Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR), Interagency Regulators and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), thus satisfying your safe and sound banking practices.

Appraisal Logistics is your trusted partner in Appraisal Compliance. All Appraisals completed through our processing system are performed in a manner compliant with the Appraiser Independence Requirements. Our qualified team of mortgage industry experts have the knowledge and skills to satisfy all of your compliance concerns.

“It is our mission to navigate your business through the challenging compliance and regulation landscape to success.”

AIR Compliance

“The Appraiser Independence Requirements maintain the spirit and intent of the HVCC, and continue to provide important protections for mortgage investors, home buyers, and the housing market. The revised Requirements pose no significant changes to the core principles of the HVCC and incorporate language to clarify questions that arose in the implementation of the HVCC.”

– FannieMae Announcement SEL-2010-14

All Appraisal Logistics’ products are designed with compliance in mind. With Appraisal Logistics, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve taken the proper measures to facilitate regulatory compliance and Appraisal Independence, without compromising quality or speed.

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